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Oh man. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, when did you get this good?

It took me four seasons to figure out how much I freaking love Julian Bashir as a character. Seriously, the writers of DS9 are amazing. The development behind each character is astonishing, but they did an amazing job with Bashir.

I'm so impressed.

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I'm not going to lie. Every once in a while a pairing (that isn't "official") really grabs me and pulls me in and puts horribly dirty thoughts in my head. Like this one.

Well, okay. Actually O'Brien/Bashir pulled me in, and then I realized Garak/Bashir was just as delightful.

Seriously, though. Both O'brien and Garak have amazing chemistry with Bashir.

"Chief O'Brien: Well, I'd better get home. Keiko is holding dinner for me.
Doctor Bashir: This late?
Chief O'Brien: Yeah, well, she's a helluva woman.
Doctor Bashir: That's why you love her.
Chief O'Brien: M-hm, that's right - that's why I love her.
[he is about to leave but comes back once more]
Chief O'Brien: You wanna come?
Doctor Bashir: Sure.
Chief O'Brien: Keiko only spends a few days at a time on the station. I'm the one living in those quarters. And if I want to set up a little workshop in the bedroom...
Dr. Bashir: You set up a workshop in the bedroom?
Chief O'Brien: Yeah. I don't use it when she's visiting.
Dr. Bashir: No, of course not.
Chief O'Brien: She says I'm trying to live like a bachelor again. That I'm expressing a subconscious desire to push her out of our quarters.
Dr. Bashir: Now that *is* ridiculous.
Chief O'Brien: That's what I said!
Dr. Bashir: I mean... if anything, by spending your free time in the bedroom, a place you intimately associate with Keiko, you are actually expressing a... desire to be closer to her, during her absence. It... 's quite touching, really.
Chief O'Brien: Exactly! Exactly! See, you understand. Now, why can't she see that? Why can't she be more like...
Dr. Bashir: More like...?
Chief O'Brien: Um - a man? Mo-more like a man?
Dr. Bashir: So... you wish... Keiko... was a man?
Chief O'Brien: I wish I was on this trip with someone else, that's what I wish!

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Peach Girl is the stupidest fucking anime ever. I can't stand it, but I can't fucking look away. I just... wow. SHIT. Where are the fucking adults in all of this? x'D

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I got my earlobes pierced a second time. c: I'm really happy about it, it looks nice. I also bought some 6 gauge earrings yesterday, but I can't quite get them in all the way. I'd say I'm somewhere between an 8 and a 6. I did get some pictures, which I'll add to this post whenever I get ambitious enough to go downstairs and fetch my camera.

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Isn't it weird how the internet can retain a piece of a dead person? I think it's awesome. His messages from a day before he died are still there for anyone to read online --- people are using his facebook to write him messages and pay their respects. His final resting place on the internet. I really think it's cool.
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My cell phone just vibrated. I always get incredibly weirded out when that happens, for a couple of reasons. One, my phone is broken and works maybe 1/3 of the time if I'm lucky, and two, I live in the middle of nowhere, in the mountains where cell reception doesn't exist. So whut whut whut's up with that.

Ugh, I've had an obnoxious headache on and off for three days now. Definitely not my worst, but still a pain in the ass eye.

I thought I could make a worthwhile entry, but obviously not. Gonna go see if my realm in warcraft is online again.

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People send me funny things, so I got inspired to make some icons. :B ...And one is south park. xD I'm not terribly pleased with how this batch turned out, so I'm going to blame how tired I am. Night!

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