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h4gfish's Journal

3 March 1989
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✖ i'm a little pea
i love the sky and the trees

i'm a teeny tiny little ant ✖
checking out this and that

✖ i am nothing
so you have nothing to hide

and i'm a pacifist ✖
so i can fuck your shit up

✖ oh yeah i'm small
fuck you asshole

you homophobic redneck dick ✖
you're big and tough and macho

✖ you can kick my ass
so fucking what

►so fucking↗ what◄

The Hobbit Ayane Sega Genesis
Sega Dreamcast Nintendo 64 South Park
liberi fatali Tom Bombadil Bartemius Crouch Jr.
Rosencrantz Guildenstern William Shakespeare
J.R.R. Tolkien USA Japan
The Sea Graveyards Fog
Rain Rainstorms Rainforests
Hematite Dinosaur Fossils Amber
Caves Glow in the dark Playstation 2



“Aℓℓ тнαт ιs gøld døεs иøт glιttεя, иøт all тнøsε wнø ωaиdεя aяε løsт; тнε øld тнaт ιs sтяøиg døεs иøт ωιтнεr, dεεp яøøтs aяε иøт яεacнεd by тhε fяøsт. Fяøм тнε asнεs a fιяε sнaℓℓ bε ωøkεи, a lιgнt fяøм тнε sнadøωs sнall spяing; яeиεиωed sнaℓℓ bε bladε тнat was bяøkεи, тнε cяøωиlεss agaιи sнaℓℓ bε kιиg.” ~J.я.я. тølkιεи



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